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Self-care moments with: Naomi - Product Photographer

By Victoria Cowan, 25 October 2021

The new beauty essentials by My Jewellery have made it super easy to create a self-care moment for yourself. Wanna know how to use the beauty products to give yourself a zen moment? Keep reading! These self-care moments blogs are all about inspiring you to create that moment of self-care for yourself. We've asked our My Jewellery colleagues to take us through their personal self-care moments, name their favourite My Jewellery beauty items and give us their best self-care/beauty tips. Life isn't just about working hard, that's why we believe it's so important to schedule moments of peace for yourself. Work hard, relax harder! In this blog Naomi takes us through her self-care moments and gives us a sneaky insider's tip on a product that's simply unmissable from your beauty stash. 

Name: Naomi Verhoeven
Position: Product Photographer

How do you like to start your day?

Unfortunately, the days are getting shorter and I've caught myself snoozing the alarm most of the time, oops, it's time to wake up! The first thing I like to do when I do wake up is to jump in the shower, that really helps to properly wake me up. After that I start on my makeup routine, I start with a good & nourishing moisturiser and primer. My makeup look tends to be the same every day, I really love makeup so I like to use all kinds of products. I start by drawing in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, after that I do my eyes: eyeliner and mascara work wonders on my blond lashes! I follow that up with foundation and concealer, and once my face is all nice and smooth I apply my bronzer and blush. I finish off my look with highlighter and lipstick. The key is to also fix your makeup with a setting spray, this'll make sure your makeup stays on and looks great for longer! After I've finished my makeup I fix my hair and get dressed. I'm ready! Time to hit the office. 

What is your ultimate self-care moment?

A self-care moment is a real must! I like to schedule these kind of moments for myself, just a moment to pamper yourself. I love doing these pampering moments on a Friday evening, when I can really relax after a long work week. I always start by cleansing & scrubbing my face before putting lotion on. As I always wear makeup I think facial hair is annoying, so I like to keep it neat by waxing or shaving once in a while. I also pluck my eyebrows and tint them myself. Obviously a self-care moment needs some hair care as well, and I love treating my hair with a hair mask. Occasionally, I even make my own hair mask using oils or an egg mask. It feels so satisfying to put on a face mask and then end up on the couch while watching The Bold Type! 

What's your favourite beauty essential from the new beauty line?

I love highlighters, and the Champagne powder highlighter is beautiful. The highlighter has a pink undertone and is super highly pigmented. I like to apply highlighter to my cheekbones, under my eyebrow arch, nose and cupid's bow. Tip: the Highlighter drops are ideal for a night out! Use a few extra drops and apply them to your shoulders and collar bone & shine, shine, shine! 

How would you describe your makeup look?

I love glowy makeup looks, so I prefer a dewy look on myself over a matte look. I also love to experiment and try out new makeup looks, so I watch Youtube tutorials to discover new tips 'n tricks! At weekends or when I go to a party I like to add eyeshadow to my look and really go all out with the look. 

What's your ultimate self-care/beauty tip?

In the cold winter months I always notice my lips feel really dry and chapped, so I like to nourish them with a special lip scrub & lip oil, our own Lip Nourishing lip oil is nourishing and 100% vegan! 

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