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The perfect 45 cm necklace

The mid-length necklace is also referred to as the 40 cm necklace or the 45 cm necklace. As the name suggests, these are mid-length necklaces. This makes it easy to combine such necklaces with other necklaces. The 40 cm necklace is the perfect item of jewellery with which to create a beautiful necklace party. Mid-length necklaces are available in both silver and gold. The silver 45cm necklace is beautiful styled with cooler colours. Wear the mid-length necklace with a light blue T-shirt or sweater. The gold 45 cm necklace is a match made in heaven for warmer colours. This mid-length necklace is gorgeous worn with an orange dress for example. Which mid-length necklace will you be going for? Will it be a basic silver 45 cm necklace or the chunky gold 40 cm necklace? There are so many mid-length necklaces to choose from, so take your time and find your favourite amongst all the beautiful  necklaces at My Jewellery. Your perfect 45 cm necklace is waiting for you!

Combining a mid-length necklace

A 45 cm necklace looks gorgeous styled with other necklaces like  short necklaces and  long necklaces. We call this a necklace party. Depending on what necklaces you plan styling with, you can, if needs be, choose to wear your 45 cm necklace a little shorter. All necklaces are adjustable in length. You could add a choker and a long necklace to your 45 cm necklace and you'll be ready to go! Whether you want a statement necklace party or a subtle necklace party, it’s entirely up to you. In the assortment, you'll not only find chunky 45 cm necklaces, but also delicate mid-length necklaces that are easy to mix & match with other necklaces. Not a huge fan of various necklaces combined? Not a problem. Simply wear the 45 cm necklace on its own. This basic item is perfect for young and old and is available in various models. Interested in creating a gorgeous necklace party, but struggling with combining mid-length necklaces? Simply take a look at our ready-to-go  necklace sets!