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What does your birthstone ring mean?

By Lonne Brummans, 4 December 2020

The latest collection of jewellery with birth months is live! You have probably already seen the Birth Month Collection, which consists of necklaces, bracelets & rings. The rings in this case are very special because they carry a birthstone. Wondering what the positive qualities are behind your birthstone? Then read on!

The meaning of birthstone rings

Birthstones also have a deep meaning and special strengths. Birthstones are precious stones that symbolise a specific month of the year. Each birthstone has a unique purpose or meaning, such as happiness or good health. The person wearing it was usually born in that month or has a certain connection to the month. Read on if you want to know the special strengths behind your birthstone ring.

January - Garnet, red
This stone represents hope, love and perseverance. Garnets guide you through the dark, making it ideal for people who travel often.

February - Amethyst, light purple
Amethysts represent peace, serenity and loyalty. When you wear this February stone, it helps strengthen relationships and gives you courage when you need it.

March - Aquamarine, aqua blue
Aquamarines stand for health and teach your heart to heal. They also help with liver and abdominal problems.

April - Diamond, silver
Diamonds symbolise eternal love and invincibility. People who wear this stone have lots of courage and can overcome challenges. 

May - Emerald, green
Emeralds were previously associated with fertility, rebirth and love. This makes the stone perfect for mothers and future mothers. Today, emeralds stand for wisdom, growth and patience.

June - Pearl, white
Pearls stand for the idea of purity, cleanliness and marriage. People who wear this stone will see their personal integrity grow.

July - Ruby, red
Rubies represent strength and nobility. They protect the person wearing them from evil in the world. They stands for love and passion, while also attracting good friends and happiness.

August - Peridot, soft green
Peridots stand for beauty, strength and morality. Peridot is found in the ashes of volcanoes. Some people believe that these stones are the tears of the volcano goddess: Pele.

September - Sapphire, dark purple
The strength of sapphires is used as a shield against evil that poisons the body and spirit. This stone stands for power and provides protection.

October - Opal, light blue
Opals give more confidence to those that wear them, but also more trust in others. Opals also protect your vision and you against evil.

November - Citrine, gold
Citrine stands for the body and soul. It stimulates good health, clears your mind and brings life into your soul.

December - Topaz, blue
Blue topaz is used to promote a happy life full of joy. It symbolises peace and relaxation, which makes it the perfect stone to prevent headaches and other ailments.

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