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  1. Blue l'amour tote bag
    Blue l'amour tote bag

Bags & Purses at My Jewellery

Looking for a lovely bag or purse? Then we have some gorgeous on-trend items in store for you! Our bags and purses always follow the latest trends, and the choice is huge. We have different colours, sizes, prints and styles, so there’s something for everyone.

Types of bags

At My Jewellery, we have all kinds of different bags. Every occasion calls for a different bag, right? A shoulder bag is good for a night out, when you have a date, or for a day of shopping. It’s what you use to carry all your essentials: your phone, cards, lip balms, and other small items. Bag straps are great fun for styling in all kinds of ways with your bag! Have a day out planned, or do you need a bigger bag for a packed lunch at school or the office? Then why not check out our handbags. They’re a little bigger, so you can carry a little more. Another thing we saw last year was the return of the waist bag. And they are still trending! Did you know you can also wear your waist bag over one shoulder? We are curious to see which bag you’ll choose!

All purses

Yes, we’ve got purses in abundance too! Nowadays, we do a lot of things on our phones, but still, a purse always comes in handy for your ID card, driver's licence, receipts, other cards, and some spare change. And isn’t it nice having a fashionable one? We have large purses in a lot of different colours and we have smaller sizes too. The big ones are great for anyone who wants to store lots of cards, notes, spare change, receipts and other odds and ends. Which large purse is your favourite?

Handy card holders

You see these cute items popping up more and more often: card holders! We love them, which is why we've put together a nice selection of card holders for you. We absolutely adore the card holder with the leopard print and the card holder with the crocodile pint. All in all, we've got plenty of cute designs for you to shine in. Whether you want a big or small purse, we've got it all!