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  1. Coral layered puff sleeve dress
    Coral layered puff sleeve dress
    Coral layered puff sleeve dress Coral layered puff sleeve dress is available in 5 colors Available in 5 colors
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Petite clothing from My Jewellery 

If you are 160 cm or shorter, or you are smaller than XS, then shopping most clothing brands is probably a bit of a disappointment for you. Newsflash: petite women’s clothing & larger sizes of clothing have arrived at My Jewellery! Petite women’s clothing would be the equivalent to the size XXS, which should fit a petite woman nicely. Our petite clothing range means there’s no need to worry when shopping! Looking for shops where petite clothing is sold is easier said than done. My Jewellery hopes to be able to help you out. Just because you are petite, doesn’t mean you should have to wear bland clothing! My Jewellery´s petite clothing range combines the finest colours, patterns, fabrics and designs. This is reflected in the unique items and the beautiful assortment of petite women’s clothing. LOVE IT! The petite women’s clothing range is a beautiful selection from the entire collection. All your clothing essentials are accessible in small sizes, too. Have you found your favourite petite item yet? Shop and join the petite clothing club! We may be small, but we are fierce! 

Petite clothing women’s trends

Finding and shopping for petite clothing is one thing, but to make sure it is also in line with the latest trends, now that’s adding a new layer of stress to the challenge! To make shopping for petite women’s clothing easier, we have highlighted the trends that you’ll find tie in perfectly with petite women’s clothing. Are you looking to give yourself more height with the petite women’s clothing you buy? Then we strongly suggest you look at petite women’s clothing with vertical stripes. They are a huge yes if you want to create the illusion of height! A dream come true for all short women. Aside from petite women’s clothing with vertical stripes, another two key features that help with petite women’s clothing are small prints and very small buttons! Another ideal item is trousers. Straight fit trousers create the illusion of being taller than you actually are & isn’t that what you want?! All jokes aside, trousers are the perfect item for petite women’s clothing. Not only do they look super classy, but you can wear them every day & everywhere. The final petite women’s clothing trend is colours! Bright colours enrich your petite women’s clothing and will give the colour boost you’ve been looking for. Are you obsessed with petite women’s clothing as well? 

Styling petite clothing 

One of the most important things about petite women’s clothing is the way in which you style it. Chances are you don’t want to appear even shorter than you already are. To help point you in the right direction, we have come up with combinations of the most fashionable petite women’s clothing. With these, you can create a great basis for your wardrobe of petite women’s clothing. It´s then up to you to take it from there, styling wise! Give the look your taste. If you think that petite women’s clothing is all about pants, then you are sadly mistaken. There are plenty of women that do not meet the standard sizes and so our petite women’s clothing range is there to help out! The petite women’s clothing range also feature gorgeous dresses and tops, such as wrap tops. This way you can wear petite women’s clothing from head to toe and not worry about anything being too long or too large! The petite women’s clothing range also features some great co-ord sets. This means that there are two items like a top and trousers in the same colour and fabric. Such a handy thing, seeing as you are all set in just one step. Alternatively, you could go for trousers with a colourful touch and combine them with a basic top in a neutral colour to maintain a fairly casual petite women’s clothing look. Rule number one: always pick petite clothing that makes you feel your best and the rest will come!

The perfect petite women’s trousers 

Imagine how discouraged you would feel if each pair of trousers you took off the shelf ended up being miles too big for you? That’s what short women have to face regularly! Finding the perfect petite trousers is essential. Some people might respond by saying ‘Can’t they simply bring their trousers to the tailor to get them altered?’ Such people obviously don’t know the annoyance of having to go through that time and time again. Being able to wear a pair of petite trousers instantly once you’ve bought them is one of the greatest things there is! We have some good news for you: My Jewellery has a wonderful selection of beautiful petite trousers for women. The petite trousers for women come in a variety of colours and fabrics. How about petite trousers featuring glitter or a leather look?! The petite trousers for women fit perfectly and have the ideal length, which will also suit the short women among us! If the length is still a tad too long, you might try wearing your petite trousers with chunky shoes, which usually feature a high sole and are a short woman’s best friend.