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Paris Hotspots | How to spend the perfect trip in the City of Lights

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Meet the team | HR

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The hottest Ibiza hotspots

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Meet the team | Product Photography

My Jewellery 11 years strong | the story of our gemstone rings

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Are you looking for something fun to read, want to get new inspiration or get better acquainted with the teams behind the My Jewellery brand? Then you’re on the right page! The editor’s pick page has the best inspiration blogs. Find out, for example, what are our colleagues' favourite items, get inspired by all the tips and advice, and read more about the teams that dedicate themselves every day to My Jewellery. New blogs are posted online regularly to the editor's pick page, but there are still plenty of inspiration blogs now that you can use to get ahead! If you’re travelling via public transport, taking a break or just want to do something relaxing after a long day of school or work, then it’s the perfect time to take a look at the editor’s pick blogs. Grab something to drink and some goodies and lose yourself in the inspiration blogs. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the editor’s pick page to stay up-to-date with the latest editor’s pick blogs!

Editor’s pick: selected by our own team

What makes the editor's pick page so fun is that the inspiration blogs are compiled by our own team. That makes the editor's pick blogs personal and extra fun! Our colleagues think it is fun to share their favourite items and tips & tricks with you via the editor’s pick blogs. For example, one colleague tells about her favourite My Jewellery outfits during her pregnancy, the office girls provide the ultimate tips for working from home, colleagues tell us about their favourite denim items and so on! Each editor’s pick blog will acquaint you with other employees, so that you, as My Jewellery fan, can get to know even more about us! The most recent editor’s pick blogs are under the heading, ‘hot topics’. There you can keep an eye on whether you are completely up-to-date with the latest editor’s pick blogs. An overview of all of the inspiration blogs under the editor’s pick page is under the heading, ‘all articles’. Guaranteed to provide reading enjoyment with all of the fun and interesting inspiration blogs on the editor's pick page!

Meet the My Jewellery teams

Whether you just discovered My Jewellery or have been familiar with the brand for some time, it’s always interesting to see who exactly is behind the brand. You’re in the right place on the editor’s pick page! While you see the models in the foreground, you do not often see the teams that work behind the scenes. Did you know, for example, that My Jewellery already has more than 300 employees? It is high time to get to know them! The editor’s pick page has various blogs where colleagues tell you more about themselves and their work at My Jewellery. Meet the content team, purchasing team, customer service team, influencer marketing team, branding team, the creatives and the store managers. Also find out in the editor’s pick blogs who has which position, what is the daily work are and why it’s so fun to work at My Jewellery. The teams don't shy away from any challenge and together have ensured that My Jewellery has grown into the successful company it is today. Read more in the editor's pick blogs!

Get inspired by the inspiration blogs

Inspiring is something that we at My Jewellery really enjoy doing. That’s why you’ll find various blogs on the editor’s pick page where our colleagues share their stories to inspire you. Can't get enough of the fun editor’s pick blogs from My Jewellery? Then we have good news for you! In addition to the editor’s pick page, there are also other blog pages where you can find the most diverse blogs. For example, how do you measure your own ring size? Or what is the best way to wrap all those nice dresses and skirts from My Jewellery? You can read all about it in the blogs on the info & advice page. When you need outfit inspiration or styling tips, you’re at the right place on the styling page. For the latest trends, you must, of course, go to the trends page. An overview of the most recent articles can be found on the main My Jewellery blog.